Persons Being Sponsored under a Public Policy

This application includes the following items:

Part 1: Sponsorship forms

The sponsoring Group, must fill out the sponsorship forms.

Guide to sponsorship [IMM 5513PP]


Part 2: Immigration forms

The person applying to immigrate to Canada and any family members included in the application must fill out the immigration forms.

Guide to Immigrating [IMM 6000PP]


Use the Document Checklist to make sure all the right forms are filled out and you have gathered the proper documents to support your application.

Submit your fully completed application.

This is an application for permanent residence for persons who applying to be sponsored under a Public Policy who have been matched with a sponsoring group in Canada.

  • Read your instruction guide and download your application forms.
  • Complete, sign and date your application forms.
  • Pay the fees (if applicable).
  • Mail your fully completed application.


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