Immigration Australia’s New Strategy: Blacklisting Students Visa Applications

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Significant changes are being made to Australia's immigration policy to tackle the problem of "permanent temporariness," or people who stay in the country indefinitely on temporary visas. The Australian government has taken a number of steps to address these concerns, including stricter visa application requirements for students from certain countries and holders of particular temporary [...]

Rethinking Marketing

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A revolutionary wave is changing the face of global education marketing. At the forefront of this story are new platforms, which are paving the way for a future where educational institutions can easily reach potential students by means of innovative advertising and captivating storytelling. Let us see past the antiquated marketing effectiveness.   The Evolution [...]

Tips for meeting the Australian Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements

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Planning to study in Australia? Your desire to become an international student in Australia requires you to clear GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) Australian requirements! GTE in Australia works like personal proof on the end of the students about their purpose of visit. GTE is a statement you need to add while applying for a student [...]

Funding requirements for international student visa applicants

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The new funding evidence requirement for Australian student visas is designed to ensure that international students have sufficient financial resources to support themselves during their stay in Australia. By following the tips below, you can submit strong financial evidence that will help you to increase your chances of having your student visa application approved.   [...]

Who are bad actors in international education?

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There has been a lot of use of the term “bad actors” in relation to the international education, or VET sector, in that matter, by the media, the government, and the Minister. However, if one looks deeper, it is not clear what those “bad actors are”.    For the most part, colleges are in compliance [...]

New Challenges For International Education – GTE Test

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A significant transformation is taking place in the landscape of international education in Australia, Canada and the UK. Recent policy changes and reforms that are aimed at refining the sector's integrity and effectiveness are the primary contributors to this transformation. Both students and higher education providers have expressed their concerns and changed their operational procedures [...]

New Legislation introduced to curb international education and vocational training

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The Australian government issued its long-awaited Migration Strategy on 11 December 2023 and announced “the biggest reforms to migration in a generation.” Furthermore, on 7 February 2024, the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator (NVETR) legislative amendments were introduced into Parliament. The government is making an ongoing effort to clean up the vocational education and [...]

Opinion: Sudden Shifts in International Education

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Just recently, international education in the UK, Canada, and Australia has changed drastically. The global education landscape was transformed by these changes, which were largely implemented without industry input. Educators, policymakers, and international students are concerned about these rapid changes. Many are nervous about these changes because the operators in the sector were left in [...]

Upcoming Changes to International Education Marketing

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The landscape of international education marketing is undergoing a dynamic shift that is being propelled by technological advancements and changing regulations. As we progress further into the 21st century, the approach that is taken to marketing education on a global scale is undergoing a transformation in order to accommodate emerging tendencies and tools. This article [...]

The immigration rule for international students is to change

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Under a new rule that has been proposed by the government, the process of applying for a student visa may become less difficult for international students. The Albanese government is going to remove a rule that prevents people from obtaining a student visa in Australia if they claim that they want to move here permanently, [...]