Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for education

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Two of the most promising recent technological developments are blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Particularly in the area of education, these technologies have the potential to transform the way data is processed and secured. Blockchain is a distributed, decentralised digital ledger that keeps track of transactions across numerous computers. The transactions are compiled into [...]

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience

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For students wishing to broaden their educational and cultural perspectives, studying abroad in Australia has the potential to be a life-altering experience. Australia is well-known not only for its stunning scenery and distinctive animals, but also for its top-notch educational system and multicultural student body. The chance to fully immerse oneself in a new culture [...]

Automation that betters your organisation

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Automation that betters your organisation   Every organisation approaches process automation from a different perspective. Some want to improve productivity, many want to cut costs, while others wish to improve employee well-being.   Automation can greatly benefit organisations by increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and lowering costs. Automation can also free up employees to focus on [...]

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COVID Testing when travelling to Australia – international flight departure date and time

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If you are planning to travel to Australia, you must meet the requirements listed below. It is important to know, that you must count the time of your COVID testing backwards from the departure date of the international flight to Australia. Example, if you booked multiple flights, only the last international flight to Australia is [...]

Visa charges to be waived for international students and working holiday makers

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International students and working holiday makers who arrive in Australia from today will have their visa application fees rebated to encourage more to enter the country. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the changes on Wednesday to help the nation ease workforce shortages caused by the spread of the Omicron variant. “What we'll be doing is [...]

Foreign students allowed extra hours to ease worker shortage

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Up to 400,000 foreign students will be able to work extra hours under a temporary relaxation of visa rules to ease crippling labour shortages, amplified by the isolation of thousands of workers in response to COVID-19. As the omicron wave disrupts commerce, fuel stations warned motorists could suffer a repeat of UK petrol shortages, unless [...]

Australian visa processing update

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Due to Australian border reopening to eligible temporary visa holders from 1 December 2021, the Department of Home Affairs is expecting an increase in visa applications. We encourage your agents and students to provide the Department of Home Affairs with complete Student visa applications. To check the requirements, students can use the Document Checklist Tool. A complete application [...]

Australia: An overview of international student return plans

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Most Australian states and territories have now announced student return pilots or broader plans to welcome back international students Quarantine and testing requirements vary from state to state, as does the expected timing and pace of student returns The Australian government has expanded its list of approved COVID vaccines in recent months. As of 17 November, [...]

Canadian immigration reports surge in study permit applications in 2021

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IRCC reports more than 730,000 new student permit applications through August 2021, a roughly 27% increase over the same period from 2019. More than half of the total volume of applications year-to-date were filed between January and May this year. That surge in application volumes correlates to a significant deadline for IRCC processing. The immigration [...]