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About Educli

Administration of student data is made easier with a Student Management System.

Educli is bringing together various departments of your organisation and enables to place information, data, and resources in a universally accessible place, through cloud, which allows an open communication across the whole organisation.

From Marketing information to enrollments, student progress monitoring, letters and reporting - all can happen in a real time through Educli.

Administration is one of the best ways that Educli can help with. We offer a fully automatised processes that improve your organisation’s efficiency and decrease expenses. The entire enrollment process can be tracked in one system, from initial inquiry to acceptance and enrollment. For example,your institution can use an auto reply feature to respond to student queries with a selection of standard responses – saving administrative time. This is then later used to automatically create classes and teachers allocation.

Educli can be used to send admission or notification letters. Record any correspondence sent to students without needing of manual entries.

One of the great features of Educli is its integration with third parties including billing and accounting. This is also pulled into the administrative process allowing most of the processes to be automated. The inbuilt automated process enables systematic, regular mails with details about any fee paid or not yet paid by students.

Educli’s database is built to handle various admission processes.

Hosted on dedicated servers and protected by a blockchain - Educli gives you peace of mind that your business is in safe hands.

Educli can play a vital role in helping your organisation to automatise your processes, reduce human error and increase efficiency. Contact us for demo or sign up today !

Student Profile

All data about your clients are in one place. Students details, courses, finances and communication to them. Once a potential students is enrolled, all data is automatically integrated from the application form into the student’s profile. All installments, invoices and agents commissions are created automatically. Based on a course selection, student is automatically assigned to a class / course and a timetable. All this by one click of a button.

Tasks Management

Tasks Management is a fully automatised process to manage staff workload through tasks. Once created, tasks can be occurring at specified times to ensure that staff is completing those in a timely manner. Management will receive confirmation once a task is done or an alert when a tasks is outstanding.

Payments and Installments

Once an enrollments is confirmed by a staff member, installments are automatically created in Educli and can be linked to various financial or accounting systems through the API.
Educli manages payments through online interface and will send reminders to students with outstanding balances. You can manage agents commissions and report in real time on a cash flow.

Automatic Reports

Fully automated reports provide overview of your business performance. Reports can be modified and customsed to your organisation’s needs and requirements.

Staff Management

Manage your staff’s personal files in a secured area.
Educli provides a suite of HR forms to help you onboard
your new staff easy. Take advantage of our training
systems and Standard operating procedures to develop
your staff to their full potential.

Forms and Letters

Fully automatised forms and letters reduce human error, increase efficiency and save time. All forms and letters are stored online and can be send to individuals or groups by one click.


Fully automatised quotes creation. Reduce human error, increase efficiency and save time. All quotes are stored online and can be send to individuals or groups by one click.

Student Support

Supporting your students can be very time consuming and expensive. Our automatised systems can provide basic responses through chatbots. We provide templates of letters and emails to be sent to students by one click. Your staff can easily manage students at risk and follow up in a timely manner to ensure compliance with your registration requirements.



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