Do you have an acute shortage of skilled workers? You may be eligible to sponsor a skilled worker from outside Australia to work for your business up to four years.

Step 1

Apply to become a standard business sponsor.

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Step 2

Nominate someone to work for your business.

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Step 3

Nominated person applies for 457 visa.

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Can you become a sponsor?

You may be eligible to apply for a standard business sponsor if your business is a lawfully operating business, meets training requirements (Australian businesses only), agrees to the number of subclass 457 workers to be nominated and must have no relevant adverse information against your business

Apply to be a standard business sponsor

In order to be a standard business sponsor you have to lodge an application for approval. Requirements for approval include:

- attestation about your workplace record that you have a strong record of, or a demonstrated commitment to employing local labour; - declaration that you have a strong record of, or demonstrated commitment to non-discriminatory work practices; - training benchmarks.

Sponsorship validation

The approval will be for a certain time or until the number of approved nominations agreed to is reached, whichever occurs earlier: - standard business sponsorships will be valid for three years; - if your business is a start-up business, its sponsorship is valid for 12 months; - if your business gains sponsorship accreditation, it is valid for six years.

Sponsorship obligations

There are some certain obligations that a sponsor is required to meet such as: - cooperate with inspectors; - ensure equivalent terms and conditions of employment; - keep records; - provide records and information to the Minister; - tell us when certain events occur; - ensure the visa holder participates in the nominated occupation, program or activity; - not recover from, transfer or charge certain costs to another person; - pay travel costs to enable sponsored people to leave Australia; - pay costs to remove unlawful non-citizens; - provide training to Australians and permanent residents.

Should you require further information or assistance in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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