Curious about where all of the international students in Australia are from?

Australia is no stranger to hosting overseas students. In fact, in 2018, Australia was the education destination of choice for almost 870,000 students from around the world. In the world rankings, Australia is in third place for study abroad destinations, having made over $AUD 5-million from foreign students alone. Today, we’re taking a look at [...]

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Masters Degree in Australia – International Students represent half of enrolments

International students at Australian universities make up nearly half of all master's enrolments and one-third of doctoral candidates, making the country's higher-degree programs disproportionately dependent on the foreign market. International students make up 21% of all tertiary enrolments in Australia, compared to an average of 6 per cent in other countries, according to the OECD's [...]

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Australia’s post graduate visa attracts international students, but many can’t find work in their field

Australia’s post graduate visa attracts international students, but many can’t find work in their field. The top five citizenship countries of 485 visa holders in Australia (India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam) have also been the top five source countries of international enrolments in Masters by coursework (China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam) programs since 2013. However [...]

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What international students think about their Australian study experience?

The recently released Student Experience Survey, which provides comprehensive overview of students experience at Australian universities and other education providers, is exclusively for Onshore students , however divides it’s result per country of origin and tell us more about how different groups are evaluating their university experience. Not only does it give an overall picture [...]

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Australia – updated cost of living in different cities

If you are planning to study or live in Australia is good to know that living costs can be very different from one city to another. For example if you rent in Sydney, you’ll be paying an average of $3,671 per month to live comfortably. If you compare to a person renting in Hobart you [...]

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New visa and scholarships program brings attention to Regional Australia.

Lately the Australian Government has been announcing changes to the immigration program, focusing now even more on the regional areas. The whole idea is to attract international migrants to those cities with lack of people and with problems to fill all it’s workforce gaps. Among the changes, immigration minister David Coleman announced that the trial [...]

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New numbers for ELICOS in Australia

A recent report from ELICOS in Australia (English courses for international students) shows that in 2018 enrolments grew by only 1% comparing to 2017 to reach 179,340 students. There was also no great change in the number of study weeks, students stayed in Australia for a slightly lower average duration in 2018 as well: 13 [...]

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Australia – Huge increase on the number of Brazilian students in Tasmania

Like most international students coming to Australia, Brazilians prefer to study in big cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. But cities like Hobart, Launceston and Devonport in Tasmania are experiencing a significant growth on the past 4 years. According to data published by the Australian Government’s Department of Education Brazil continues to rank [...]

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