Get your tech right before investing in AI

No technology has advanced from a novel idea to practical application more quickly than AI. The introduction of ChatGPT earlier this year raised existential concerns about scholarly integrity and the value of many college assignments. Now that many AI products incorporate images, videos, and text, their already powerful features are strengthened. Edtech products are also [...]

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Tech trends shaping the future of higher education

The potential benefits of the latest generation of digital technologies for higher education are substantial, and their applications are as diverse as the technologies themselves. Training is being streamlined, made more accessible, and student-teacher connections strengthened with the help of virtual reality, blockchain, and chatbots.   Several developments in information and communications technology are influencing [...]

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Australia’s biggest immigration shakeup in decades

The migration review was released by Home Affairs Minister Claire O'Neill on 27 April 2023. This review has at least 38 major recommendations. As the Home affairs minister Claire O'Neill said: “we need to make a big switch in our thinking from the passivity that drives the system today to active engagement with the people [...]

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Automation that betters your organisation

Automation that betters your organisation   Every organisation approaches process automation from a different perspective. Some want to improve productivity, many want to cut costs, while others wish to improve employee well-being.   Automation can greatly benefit organisations by increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and lowering costs. Automation can also free up employees to focus on [...]

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The Student management system (SMS) is an important tool today

A Student management software (SMS) tools online provide education providers with a better control over their everyday tasks. The positive outcomes are seen in more streamline process of an organization. An institution's administration systems enhance the information capturing and documents processing. Other daily jobs such as student enquiries, students monitoring, follow-up, and communication with the parents also [...]

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Importance of Educational Software’s for Educational Institutions

The Internet has expanded opportunities for improvement like anything seen so far. The incredible growth of the world wide web together with its ease of use and affordability has created new opportunities for all sorts of software.  Tools of a good student management made the job of executing academic projects and distributing education and learning as [...]

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Is working from home here to stay?

Is working from home the future? Remote work is a hot topic these days and by all accounts, it will keep increasing into the next decade. Below are some estimates and predictions from several sources that drive that point home. A survey conducted by Upwork of 1,500 hiring managers found that due to COVID-19, 61.9% of the [...]

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Why business need an integrated CRM and LMS

Using one platform for all your marketing, sales, customer management and learning management leads to better customer experience and staff performance. According to recent research results, many education companies have to deal with a vast amount of data usually scattered over various platforms, plus email, online chat, sms and phone calls. Because the data is [...]

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How to choose a startup team?

How to choose a startup team? Me and my husband were always big fans of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs that changed the world. When we started our startup we realised that we need to choose our team with intelligence, because only people that are willing to travel this route with you with [...]