Recent observations indicate a shift in the approach of the Immigration Department towards processing both offshore and onshore student visa applications. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of visa refusals, often without prior warnings or requests for additional information.

Student visa Australia July 2023
For instance, one case highlights the department’s reasoning regarding family ties: An applicant with their child and partner residing in Brazil was informed that while their family’s presence in Brazil could be a reason to return home post-studies, the inclusion of these family members as unaccompanied could also be seen as a potential motivation to bring them to Australia later.

Another case reflects on the applicant’s travel history, noting the shift from a Visitor visa to a Student visa as a possible indicator of a lack of intent to return after studies.

In a different scenario, a student enrolled in a General English course at a notable ELICOS provider was questioned about the course’s value to their future, raising doubts about the genuine temporary nature of their stay. Furthermore, while acknowledging family ties in the home country, concerns were raised about whether these ties are strong enough incentives for the applicant to leave Australia after completing their studies. The department also examined the applicant’s explanation of how the selected course of study would improve their career prospects or pay, which raised questions about their main reason for studying in Australia.


Given these examples, applicants should consider the following when applying for a student visa, especially from level 1 and 2 countries:

  • Providing substantial financial evidence.
  • Offering detailed information about the chosen courses of study.
  • Clearly outlining future plans and expected outcomes from the study.


Educli’s comprehensive agent portal, including online forms for Educli’s GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) letters 

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First, applicants fill out the raw form available on the Educli portal with their information. After the applicant enters this data, an agent checks the submission to make sure all requirements are satisfied and the application complies with the Immigration Department’s requirements. 

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After a thorough review, the agent prepares the final version of the GTE letter, which is then sent back to the applicant for their signature. 

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