Breaking news Closure of the Pandemic Event visa 408 COVID visa

Starting from 2 September 2023, the Pandemic Event visa sc 408 will only be available to existing Pandemic Event visa holders. If you currently hold a Pandemic Event visa, you may still be eligible for subsequent visas after this date. Here's what you need to know: Other than sc408 visa holders will not be eligible [...]

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How to Increase College Enrolment with a CRM for Education

Colleges and universities must innovate in order to attract students in today's highly competitive higher education market. With more students applying to college than ever before, it is crucial to differentiate your school from the rest to win over the most talented students. Using a customer relationship management system (CRM) like Educli, tailored to the [...]

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Reduce carbon emissions – use automation

Although the heavy industry is taking action over greenhouse gasses, offices too can make a positive contribution towards saving the environment. It is estimated that the average employee can spend up to 40% of their working day searching for information on paper documents stored in filing cabinets. They could use their time more wisely if [...]

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Australia consulting on upcoming changes in overseas student reform

A representative from Australia's Department of Education has stated that this upcoming school year will see sweeping changes implemented in an effort to crack down on fraudulent behavior on the part of agents and the assistance of onshore agents in the course switching of non-genuine students.   Minister O'Neill announced the migration review on April [...]

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You don’t have to do the paperwork anymore.

A CRM implementation is a significant decision. Although they take time and money to set up, the adage "one step forwards, two steps back" definitely applies to CRMs. Your entire business will spend less time seeking and more time concentrating on what matters—creating real value—if you never have to file or find any paperwork Almost [...]

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Are you using marketing promoted ads to reach international students with no success?

Your perfect target is here! Unlock greatness by reaching, serving and retaining more students than ever before. Stretch beyond your campus and surroundings to reach today’s working learner as well as students in rural areas, underserved communities and across the globe. Depend on our team to support you, your faculty and your students with our [...]

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Is traditional education living its Blockbuster moment?

Is traditional education living its Blockbuster moment?   Traditional education's future has been called into question by factors such as the spread of online learning, the availability of advanced educational technology, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have even gone so far as to compare the current state of traditional education to the "Blockbuster moment," in [...]

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Evolve your automation journey with Educli

Using cutting-edge technology, business process automation (BPA) allows for the mechanization of previously labor-intensive business processes. A business process is any activity, or set of activities, performed by an organization to accomplish some strategic goal, such as the development of a product, the onboarding of new employees, or the acquisition of new customers. Some of [...]

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Classroom teaching versus practical training

When it comes to learning, there are two main approaches: classroom teaching and practical training. Teaching typically involves the presentation of information and concepts by an instructor, who may use lectures, textbooks, and other materials to help students understand the subject matter. The focus is on imparting knowledge and providing students with a theoretical understanding [...]

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Collect your payments easy with Educli

  Educli a student payment management and collection platform - we are changing the way colleges manage their student enrollment and finances forever.    Maintaining smooth operations and optimizing revenue in the ever-changing education landscape requires efficient student enrollment and payment management. Educli is an all-inclusive platform with a variety of features that helps colleges [...]

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