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Why business need an integrated CRM and LMS

Using one platform for all your marketing, sales, customer management and learning management leads to better customer experience and staff performance. According to recent research results, many education companies have to deal with a vast amount of data usually scattered over various platforms, plus email, online chat, sms and phone calls. Because the data is [...]

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Curious about where all of the international students in Australia are from?

Australia is no stranger to hosting overseas students. In fact, in 2018, Australia was the education destination of choice for almost 870,000 students from around the world. In the world rankings, Australia is in third place for study abroad destinations, having made over $AUD 5-million from foreign students alone. Today, we’re taking a look at [...]

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Best Canadian Universities Have Some Of The Most Employable Graduates In The World

While most Canadians are often concerned about how high universities rank when it comes to education, it's also important to know how likely you will be to get employed after graduating. In a recent study, universities were ranked across the world to see who has some of the most employable graduates, and multiple Canadian universities [...]

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How can you practice English even before arriving in your study destination

Worried about you English level before going for an international experience? We have some tips for you. Prospective international students can improve their English-language skills by listening to podcasts and watching TV shows and movies, as well as spending a summer on an english speaking university campus to immerse themselves in an intensive English program. [...]

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Which countries let international students stay the longest after graduation?

Amid recent Brexit tensions, UK prime minister Boris Johnson extended the period of time foreign graduates could stay in the UK to find work from four months to two years. Students graduating from UK universities in the summer of 2020 and after are eligible. The policy change aims to attract “the best and brightest” from [...]

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Masters Degree in Australia – International Students represent half of enrolments

International students at Australian universities make up nearly half of all master's enrolments and one-third of doctoral candidates, making the country's higher-degree programs disproportionately dependent on the foreign market. International students make up 21% of all tertiary enrolments in Australia, compared to an average of 6 per cent in other countries, according to the OECD's [...]

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US Universities Report drastic reduction in enrolments from Chinese Students

For the past 10 years, the number of Chinese students at U.S. universities has been rising. But university officials are starting to see a sharp drop in Chinese students.Several universities have reported drops of 20 percent or more this autumn at the start of a new school term.To get more international students, some schools are [...]

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Most accessible cities in the world for your international education.

Accessibility is inclusion, a right guaranteed for all persons with disabilities or those with reduced mobility. Through it, life can be independent and redeem citizenship and sociability for these people. Some cities around the world have already understood the importance of investing in adaptations to improve the quality of life of their residents. Therefore, knowing [...]

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Australia’s post graduate visa attracts international students, but many can’t find work in their field

Australia’s post graduate visa attracts international students, but many can’t find work in their field. The top five citizenship countries of 485 visa holders in Australia (India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam) have also been the top five source countries of international enrolments in Masters by coursework (China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam) programs since 2013. However [...]

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Practical tips on how to save money in during your studies in Canada

If you are planning to study in Canada this post is for you. Even though most international students are prepared to come to Canada and get a job to help with daily expenses, there are ways to save money and make the trip smoother. Check out 5 simples ways to help you save money. Opt [...]

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