Although the heavy industry is taking action over greenhouse gasses, offices too can make a positive contribution towards saving the environment.

It is estimated that the average employee can spend up to 40% of their working day searching for information on paper documents stored in filing cabinets. They could use their time more wisely if your business introduced a system of process automation.

Up to 67% of businesses are currently using some form of process automation. This is a software-based, digital solution that provides your business with an automated workflow. Digitalisation generally improves efficiency and accuracy by removing human error.

By using Educli’s components, your business can achieve a competent yet simplified structure. When searching for documents, process automation makes the procedure fast and easy.

For example, It takes about 3 gallons of water to make one sheet of paper. Using the 12.1 trillion sheet estimate earlier, that adds up to a tremendous amount of water used every year to make paper that is probably destined for the trash. With paper accounting for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste, electronically based CRM solutions could undoubtedly make a significant dent in that total.

By introducing Educli’s automation into your business, you can help significantly reduce harmful carbon emissions. Following green principles in the office means introducing digital sustainability. The main benefit of implementing automation technology in your institution is that they assist in reducing waste. Solutions for intelligent document processing in particular greatly minimize waste.

Adopting a paperless system reduces the amount of hardware you may be required to purchase. Using traditional paper systems for processes such as sending invoices and communicating with customers often results in printing documents.

Reduced costs are also a result of less paper waste being produced by your company. Your company will not only need to buy less paper, but over time, this can lead to significant cost reductions.

Process automation and digital sustainability have many benefits for the environment and business profit. Contact us right here:

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