Education agents are the blood of international education. They might not be the ones making the decisions or pulling the strings, but they are unquestionably the ones interacting with the potential students and acting as the public face of the business. Their performance may directly impact the customer experience in determining your organization’s success.

The education providers are legally required to monitor the performance of education agents to ensure that the prospective international students receive correct and timely  information about studying in Australia. 

As a part of the education providers compliance, they must ensure that:

  • The provider has in place procedures for monitoring agents’ performance
  • Education agents have a valid contract, and that the agent’s details are published on the provider’s website.
  • Students referred by agents are genuine and engaged in learning
  • Providers take a prompt corrective action in the event or likelihood of misrepresentation or unethical conduct.
  • Staff managing education agents are aware of their responsibilities and obligations in relation to legislative requirements.

To ensure compliance with the above, Educli has created a suite of tools helping providers to manage their agents. By using Educli’s agent suite, you can:

  • Send out electronic letters to agents and obtain reference on their behalf
  • Manage their performance and commissions
  • Create electronic contracts
  • Run performance reports and create an agent’s review by one click

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