Using one platform for all your marketing, sales, customer management and learning management leads to better customer experience and staff performance.

According to recent research results, many education companies have to deal with a vast amount of data usually scattered over various platforms, plus email, online chat, sms and phone calls. Because the data is spread out among different business tools, the processes may become disorganised and it is hard for the employees to find the data they need at the moment.

The solution to data and customer management is to have a “view all the data” in one place, and this is exactly what Educli (TM) does. Our approach to customer data management is a holistic, single customer view and this makes the processes much easier for the administration staff.

Online, all-in-one-system, takes a step further by providing all data you need, but also equipping you with the tools to act on that data. Our CRM combined with processes automation capabilities, provide a positive experience for all your clients and staff at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Some ways how to use our tools:

Leads conversion – from their initial enquiry, online application and admission, all information about your clients are kept online, paperless. All information is filled out by the client and your staff only needs to approve. This is an enormous time saving process which also removes data entry human error.

Admission processes – online enrolment forms, automatised Letter of offer and invoice, automatised creation of instalments and students allocation to a class, are only a few admission tools that provide a significant time-saving and also is a positive experience for the staff.

Financial management – automatised reports provide insights into the business cash flow, fees due and projections into the future.

Compliance management – using automatised tasks has been a huge hit among our clients. Staff use tasks to ensure tasks and procedures are being in timely manner. Tasks trigger action and report to management on completion

There are many specific tools to improve processes and remove human error, however the bottom line is to enrure compliance for your organisation. For further information how Educli can help your organisation to achieve excellence, contact us at [email protected] or visit our websites.