The Student Direct stream is a fast-track visa processing for international students. At the moment Pakistan will join India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. All processing times are reduced via the direct stream and most of visas are being analyzed in three weeks.
To be able to apply for a study permit under the Direct Stream the applicant needs to provide further information on the English proficiency level and also on financial capacity. The minimum score at IELTS is 6 and financial support must show at least CA$10.000.

“By expanding the SDS to prospective students from Pakistan, IRCC is encouraging a more diverse range of students to choose Canada,” an IRCC spokesperson told. “This is very much a welcome development and we are pleased to see IRCC’s efforts trying to help more international students access our higher education system… it certainly supports broader priorities in our sector around diversification,” Universities Canada assistant director of international relations Cindy McIntyre said.
Pakistan was the 19th largest nationality for student visa holders in Canada by December 2018, according to IRCC figures, and the 47th source countries for language schools.

Pakistan is not a big source country for English Language courses in Canada, but we believe that having the fast track will help us to achieve a higher number of enrolments at Canadian’s Higher Education programs.
Diversification is top priority for educational providers in Canada, helping students to get knowledge of different cultures and excel in their studies can leverage student’s satisfaction with the country and make sure they will have an incredible experience.
Another industry source told that while Pakistan could be a “curious choice” since it sends lower numbers of students compared to other sources, it may be the sign that more additions are to come. “I would imagine that countries sending higher percentages of students (such as South Korea at 4.2% of the total) might be a higher priority to arrange the SDS program,” they said.

We are still waiting for more countries to join the Student Direct Stream in the near future to add more diversity and different backgrounds to Canadian international education.