The Australian Government has rolled out a new legislative instrument, Migration (Suspension Certificate Matters) Specification (LIN 24/034) 2024, under the authority of the Minister for Home Affairs. This instrument, commencing on 23 March 2024, is set to enhance the integrity of Australia’s international education sector. Here’s what you need to know:


Key Features:


  • Implements a method to calculate a ‘relevant score’ for education providers, considering their compliance with visa regulations for overseas students.
  • Covers a broad spectrum of factors including student visa applications, cancellations, and compliance with Public Interest Criterion 4020, among others.
  • Aims to ensure only genuine students and education providers benefit from Australia’s world-class educational offerings.


How the calculation works:


  • The ‘relevant score’ is determined twice yearly, focusing on various compliance and performance metrics.
  • The score influences decisions on issuing suspension certificates to providers, potentially affecting their ability to recruit overseas students.


Why It Matters:


This instrument underscores the Australian Government’s commitment to maintaining high standards within the international education sector, ensuring a positive and productive environment for genuine students and providers alike.