Under a new rule that has been proposed by the government, the process of applying for a student visa may become less difficult for international students. The Albanese government is going to remove a rule that prevents people from obtaining a student visa in Australia if they claim that they want to move here permanently, as reported by the Daily Mail UK. This rule will be removed in March.


As part of a “genuine student test,” the new rule will be implemented. The purpose of this test is to eliminate individuals who enter Australia on a student visa but have the intention of working instead. At the same time, the process will be formalized for a smaller number of genuine students who are interested in establishing a career in Australia.


Former top immigration official Abul Rizvi said the rule change was sensible. ‘I actually think the government should go further, and say one of the primary objectives of the international student program is to recruit future Australians. That’s what it does. Why not just say it?’ he told The Sydney Morning Herald.  


International Education Association of Australia head Phil Honeywood, who is also co-convenor of the Council for International Education, said the change should help crackdown on dodgy immigration brokers who skirt the rules.  ‘On one hand, it has denied genuine students with skills in demand [who] indicated they might like to migrate to Australia. And on the other, it’s been easy for education agents to counsel students to give the right answers,’ he said.


After immigration numbers reached record highs of 518,000 in the previous year, Labor made a commitment to amend the immigration framework this year in order to significantly reduce that intake to approximately half of what it was in the previous year. As Labor scrambles to undo the damage that was done to inflation, the housing market, and rental prices after the floodgates opened to new immigrants in 2023, the rate at which student visas are being denied is significantly higher than it was the previous year. 


The latest PropTrack Rental Report for December shows the number of listings on realestate.com.au in December fell to a record low, sitting at 30.2 per cent below the average for the month.‘With rental listing volumes at historic lows and well below their decade average, rental conditions are likely to remain challenging,’ the report said. ‘Given ongoing strong population growth and the low volume of new rental stock under construction, it is likely that competition for rental stock will remain significant’. ‘These conditions will be most prevalent in major capital cities and regional areas with strong demand and limited supply, which is likely to keep pressure on rents’. Rental vacancies have remained near record lows at 1.1 per cent, down from 1.3 per cent in December 2022, forcing prices upwards.


International students are an essential component of Australia’s socio-economic fabric, despite the fact that some politicians and segments of the public keep expressing their disagreement.

International students serve as the foundation of an industry that is worth 34 billion dollars and makes a significant contribution to the economy of the nation. In addition to the financial contribution, they bring a wealth of resources, a variety of perspectives, and a strong work ethic to the educational and cultural environment of Australian institutions.

These students, contrary to the widespread belief, do not deprive local residents of the opportunity to find employment or to find housing. On the contrary, they frequently generate a greater number of employment opportunities by means of their spending and participation in the economy. Furthermore, their presence stimulates the housing market, which frequently results in increased investments in the infrastructure of accommodations. Within the context of educational and social settings, their indispensable function in Australia highlights the significance of welcoming members of a global community.


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