When prospective international students had their sights set on Australia’s sunny shores in the past, obtaining a visa was their top priority. The concern now for a growing number is where they will live when they arrive.

Rentals are hard to come by, and those that are reasonably priced are almost nonexistent. According to recent reports, rental availability is close to zero, according to Anglicare’s latest Rental Affordability Snapshot.

What chance do non-locals have if they can’t find housing? It’s no wonder that more overseas students want all this sorted out in advance. The majority of students worldwide prefer to book their housing before leaving, according to Joanna Storti of IDP Connect. According to the study, about half of these students would actually reconsider their travel plans if they were unable to make lodging reservations.

Due to warnings about Australia’s rental market, some universities advise prospective students to make housing arrangements in advance. However, this might be assisting those with questionable motivations for finding solutions. Chinese Australians and students who are currently residing in Australia are willing to assist incoming students who have paid them in advance with finding housing by viewing properties, signing leases, and completing paperwork. The “WeChat Chinese media ecosystem” has already mobilized to meet the needs of students, and this is all a part of it.

Because there are no laws governing these people, a problem is just waiting to happen. Occasionally, dishonest people will appear and try to exploit a difficult situation. Although it’s common to hear about students being conned into paying money while they are abroad, I’m not saying that’s how this group is made up of everyone.

Waiting until they get to Australia may make it even more difficult for students to find long-term housing. “Rental service agencies” approached them about their fees and four months’ rent in advance before slotting them into tiny apartments in the middle of construction zones, according to SBS News.

Sadly, there are no signs that this situation will improve, so international students should exercise caution and book accommodations from reputable sources. Students looking for housing may benefit from the network of partners at Educli.

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