Australia or Canada? That’s a common question that we hear from international students, both countries are very open to immigration so people that are looking for a nice place to study and maybe to live there forever usually think about those 2 countries. However despite of that they are very different from one another starting with the climate, but that’s only the beginning.

Talking about Australia, one week of an English course can cost between US$150 and US$250, your accommodation costs will be between US$150 and US$250 per week and a travel insurance for 6 months around US$500. Under a student visa in Australia you can work part time (20h per week) and full time during your school holidays and you will have to go through medical exams to get your visa.

In Canada, one week of English course will cost between US$130 and US$310, accommodation per week will be around US$195 and the travel insurance for six months US$600. You will only have working rights if you study a Vocational course or Higher education and in that case you will be able to work part time during your school term and full time during your scheduled breaks.

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