Deciding where to study abroad can be a challenge, mostly if your plan is to study English, there are so many options and also a lot of pros and cons, so we developed some posts comparing different destinations to try to help you with this hard decision.

What about Canada and Ireland? Which one is the best for you? There are no rights or wrongs on this matter it’s basically what works best for you and your plans. Let’s compare some situations and costs like visas, working permits, prices and etc.

Talking about Costs for example, 1 week of English Language course in Ireland can be from US$65 to US$200 while in Canada price can vary from US$130 to US$310. The visa process in Ireland in much simpler as you request it on your arrival at the airport, but in Canada you have to apply for it at least 60 days before your travel. Working rights are also different, in Canada you cannot work while you study if your course length is less than 6 months, but in Ireland you can.

We have put together a comparison table to make it clear, check it out:


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