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Are you questioning yourself if it’s better to live in NY or in LA?

Los Angeles is a global city where culture, business and industry blend into opportunity. This is where 4 million people power the world's 15th largest economy. Where internship opportunities abound in the entertainment industry and with major corporations like Boeing, Skechers, Nestlè and Dole. It's a diverse cultural landscape, where you can experience Asia, Latin America and everywhere in between in a single afternoon.

The lifestyle in New York is a busy and varied one. There is a plethora of restaurants, nightlife hotspots, shopping destinations and events to enjoy, as well as theatre, arts and culture venues, health and beauty centres and sports facilities.

New York has some great attractions and activities to enjoy and people of all persuasions are sure to find something to suit their tastes in this vibrant city.

Wondering which city is the best for you? This is actually a very common doubt, so we have put together a list of basic costs to help you decide.


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