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Nortwest is one of Sydney’s premium international student education provider. Your decision to undertake study is a very important step, whether you are seeking to extend your existing skills or maybe even start a new career. Our skilled trainers are committed to delivering high quality education, training programs and a friendly environment which will help you to grow not only in your career, but in your personal life as well.

PO Box A1211 SYDNEY SOUTH New South Wales  1235, NSW, 2100

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CRICOS: 088434B | BSB50815

080301 - Business Management

Category: Vocational Training

Course Duration: 1 terms( 48 weeks)



Course Available at: Nortwest Pty Ltd, PO Box A1211 SYDNEY SOUTH New South Wales  1235, NSW, 2100

Courses Sessions Available:




Unit Name Unit Code Unit Type
Ensure a safe workplace BSBWHS501 Core
Manage project integration BSBPMG521 Core
Manage project cost BSBPMG514 Elective
Manage risk BSBRSK501 Elective
Facilitate continuous improvement BSBMGT516 Elective
Promote products and services to international markets BSBMKG513 Elective
Manage project risk BSBPMG517 Elective
Manage an information or knowledge management system BSBINM501 Elective
Manage budgets and financial plans BSBFIM501 Elective
Build international business networks BSBREL502 Elective
Manage project time BSBPMG512 Elective
Manage project quality BSBPMG513 Elective
Undertake project work BSBPMG522 Core
Manage people performance BSBMGT502 Elective
Analyse data from international markets BSBMKG511 Elective
Build international client relationships BSBREL501 Elective
Manage project information and communication BSBPMG516 Elective
Manage personal work priorities and professional development BSBWOR501 Elective
Forecast international market and business needs BSBMKG512 Elective
Analyse consumer behaviour for specific international markets BSBMKG517 Elective
Manage project scope BSBPMG511 Elective
Build and sustain an innovative work environment BSBINN502 Elective
Develop a workplace learning environment BSBLED501 Elective
Lead and manage team effectiveness BSBWOR502 Elective
Report on finances related to international business BSBFIA501 Elective
Manage project human resources BSBPMG515 Elective
Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability BSBSUS501 Core
Manage operational plan BSBMGT517 Elective
Profile international markets BSBMKG516 Elective
Manage project procurement BSBPMG518 Elective
Establish systems that support innovation BSBINN501 Elective
Manage quality customer service BSBCUS501 Elective