Curious about where all of the international students in Australia are from?

Australia is no stranger to hosting overseas students. In fact, in 2018, Australia was the education destination of choice for almost 870,000 students from around the world. In the world rankings, Australia is in third place for study abroad destinations, having made over $AUD 5-million from foreign students alone. Today, we’re taking a look at [...]

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How can you practice English even before arriving in your study destination

Worried about you English level before going for an international experience? We have some tips for you. Prospective international students can improve their English-language skills by listening to podcasts and watching TV shows and movies, as well as spending a summer on an english speaking university campus to immerse themselves in an intensive English program. [...]

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New numbers for ELICOS in Australia

A recent report from ELICOS in Australia (English courses for international students) shows that in 2018 enrolments grew by only 1% comparing to 2017 to reach 179,340 students. There was also no great change in the number of study weeks, students stayed in Australia for a slightly lower average duration in 2018 as well: 13 [...]

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Recent numbers from Language Education Canada

As we know Canada is one of the top destinations for studying abroad. The newly released 2018 Annual Report on Language Education in Canada, shows that the number of enrolment in Canada’s language programmes grew by 6% from 2017 to 2018, with Canadian language schools booking a 2% increase in student weeks over the same [...]

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