Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic since late 2022. All of the industries are undergoing a significant transformation, and AI is already changing how people work. And for many, the transformation is occuring more quickly than they anticipated. 

The demand to boost productivity is felt by both business owners and employees as a result of the uncertain economic climate.  Our time spent sorting the important information from the noise is increasing, which has an impact on both individual productivity and overall productivity. People are finding it difficult to carry the weight of the continually increasing workload, massive amounts of data that must be processed, and constant contact.

AI can help lift the burden

AI has largely operated in autopilot mode up until recently. The next generation of AI will aid in enhancing the productivity of experts and assisting regular people with invention by providing tools and resources to spark their imaginations. AI adoption by businesses will free everyone’s creativity and productivity.

 As per Microsoft spokesperson Satya Nadella, “There’s an enormous opportunity for AI-powered tools to help alleviate digital debt, build AI aptitude, and empower employees.”


How should business leaders look into adoption of AI?


  • Identify and address your organization’s productivity disruptors 
  • Radically rethink the workflow
  • Encourage people to explore ways how to use AI-powered tools


AI integration

  • Upon research, test and implement AI to organisation’s processes
  • Plan and implement change management processes for AI integration
  • As you begin to adopt AI, deploy it where people need the most relief based on your organization’s pain points and challenges



  • Help people embrace a new way of working, starting with building AI aptitude—from practicing prompt engineering to fact-checking and verifying AI-generated content
  • Utilise learning resources and crowdsource best practises from staff as they become used to having AI as their coworker
  • Consider how roles and functions can evolve alongside AI, creating opportunities for #reinvention

While AI saves us time and energy, supports our creative endeavours, and speeds up innovation, businesses must also carefully monitor AI and assure its ethical application. What kind of AI applications do you have in mind for your company? Let us know in comments..

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