We founded Educli on the fundamental idea that computers ought to take on more responsibility, and this conviction has only deepened since the advent of AI.

As a college manager, I often found myself wondering, “How can I get everyone, even with no education or experience from the industry, to ensure that all of the tasks are done on time?”

Since we first began developing Educli, this situation has evolved. Over the past few years, we’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into developing systems to automate the processes that guarantee college compliance and reduce administrative overhead. With the advent of AI, we are more equipped than ever to bring about extraordinary changes. We’re developing AI-powered automation tools to help everyone streamline their work and save time and effort.

Colleges will be able to take advantage of an immense knowledge base and the power of AI to create individualized applications, streamline processes, and provide superior service to customers if they put AI tools into the hands of every employee. We are hard at work on mission-critical software and features to equip you with problem-solving and life-improving resources through customized applications.

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We believe that machines won’t replace humans, humans with machines will replace humans without machines.


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