If you are planning to study in Canada this post is for you.
Even though most international students are prepared to come to Canada and get a job to help with daily expenses, there are ways to save money and make the trip smoother.
Check out 5 simples ways to help you save money.

  1. Opt for cheaper food
    As much as it is a pleasure to try the local cuisine of another country – especially Canada that does not have a specific and targeted – one must be careful not to spend more than necessary in this regard. There are cheap and expensive options everywhere. We are not telling you to deprive yourself of enjoying that moment of the trip, but think that it is all a matter of balance. Instead of eating out every day, eat once or twice a week and shop at grocery stores to cook the other days. Another tip is to register on the website of the establishments and keep an eye on promotions, the ones we love. It may not seem like it, but paying attention to small price changes can make a big difference in your pocket at the end of the month.
  2. Find a job
    Even though international students find it harder to find a job in Canada, there are ways to get it. For those who study abroad, it is interesting to choose courses that have the possibility of an internship or work – either higher education or vocational, because General English courses do not give permission for work. It is important to have some time for tourism, after all, you will be in another country and need time for tourism.
    A useful tip is to sign up for Job Bank, a free Canadian website to help professionals look for a job. Earning extra money for work will help you stay in Canada for the period you set out to stay there.
  3. Use Public Transport
    The good news is that public transportation in Canada is super accessible, organized and prepared for the low temperatures of the place. So we recommend not using a taxi. Take advantage of this time to walk, know every corner of the city, understand a little about the culture and, for long journeys, the bus will surely help you. Thus, it is possible to save good money.
  4. Look for shared accommodation
    This is a very interesting savings option, because besides paying a cheaper rent – as it will be shared with someone else – it is interesting because you will be open to know new cultures, customs and languages when you share an apartment with colleagues from other countries around the world.
    There are a lot of cheap rental options in the main regions of the country and, as an exchange student who decided to stay here in Canada, I say that one of the best life experiences is to live with people who have another creation than yours, it makes you grow as a person.
  5. Buy winter clothes.
    And finally, a very important point is the snow gear. If you are considering going to Canada for a season you should know that winter temperatures can reach -30 ° C. Do not be alarmed by the numbers, although very cold, the country is fully prepared to receive these temperatures and all establishments – including public transport – have a heating system. On the issue of clothes savings, our tip is to buy everything in Canada, because, besides being cheaper, is very hard to find affordable winter gear if you are not coming from a very cold country.