The recently released Student Experience Survey, which provides comprehensive overview of students experience at Australian universities and other education providers, is exclusively for Onshore students , however divides it’s result per country of origin and tell us more about how different groups are evaluating their university experience.

Not only does it give an overall picture of how positively international students are rating their studies in the land Down Under, it also highlights strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of post-school curriculum.

See below the highlight on the latest issue of this survey:

Undergraduate international students
Only 76% of international students rated their undergraduate experience positively. However this does represent the majority it’s important to say that international students were less likely to rate their overall experience positively – in contrast, 80% of their domestic counterparts evaluated their time at university favourably. For the most part, international students rated other aspects of their undergraduate educational experience positively:
★ 80% assessed Skills Development positively
★ 58% rated Learner Engagement positively
★ 79% evaluated Teaching Quality positively
★ 83% valued Learning Resources positively.

Postgraduate international students
Postgraduate results followed a similar pattern to the undergraduate ratings, with international students less likely to rate their Australian educational experience positively. Postgraduate international students ranked their overall experience three percentage points lower than domestic students, while both rated other aspects of their educational experience in a relatively similar fashion. In some categories, postgraduate international students rated their experience more favourably than their undergraduate counterparts.
★ 82% rated Skills Development positively
★ 59% assessed Learner Engagement positively
★ 73% ranked Student Support positively
★ 84% evaluated Learning Resources positively.